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MôTif Film Festival 2018

Friday, August 3rd, 2018



2PM - 3:10PM


Short | 2018 | 15m | Brazil

Directed by: Pryka Almeida
Mixed signals, narcissism, love for sale: Liquid Love in São Paulo. The lives of the 30-year-old Katharina (played by Camilla Ferreira) and 40-year-old Alice (played by Rodolfo Lima) intertwine when Katharina enters a new world of online romances through dating apps.



Short Documentary | 2016 | 13m17s | Portugal

Directed by: André Almeida Rodrigues

In the countryside painted in white by the frost, the birds sing while entrapping the hunter who warms himself in the early sunlight. In the fireplace, the wood crackles in the fire and warms the elderly who are making siesta in company of their cat. We are in the village, where there it is always too hot despite the cold weather and the rain once in a while. This village is Alfaião.


Feature | 2013 | 41m | Sweden

Directed by: John Hellberg
What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?



3:20PM - 4:15PM


Animation | 2018 | 5m15s | United States

Directed by: Faiyaz Jafri
A postmodern animated depiction of Americana, creating a narrative through a system of neo-archetypes that work together; hyperreality rendered in hyper-unrealism.


Feature/Documentary | 2017 | 50m | United States

Directed by: Felicia Michaels

Pervs is an exercise in exhibition, visionary voyeurism, and the exploration of deviance. As some of America's most popular comedians get interviewed by a fellow comedian (who's a sex worker on the side), in an attempt to out the little 'perv' in all of us, all the while giving them a peepshow they'll never forget in the process.
It's a raw and raucous journey through the eyes of a community of artists, who although used to turning over every inner stone, manage to open up even deeper about crippling doubt, poor choices, and self-forgiveness.



4:20PM - 5:50PM


Feature/Documentary | 2017 | 1H30m | Sapin

Directed by: Manuel Lógar
Living among the "percebeiros" (goose barnacle fishermen) of the Galician coast during the Christmas holidays, this documentary focuses on the relationship between man and his surroundings, man and the sea. An environmental fable, a radiograph of the rural Galicia, where years after the Prestige oil spill disaster, the percebeiros are facing an uncertain future.


6PM - 7:56PM

Feature/Documentary | 2017 | 57m | United States

Directed by: Marsh Chamberlain

Long ago survival was not easy for Alaska Native peoples, but we lived full lives. Today survival is easier, but many are dying young.

For centuries Alaska Native peoples survived the harsh conditions of life in the far north while our social, cultural, and spiritual practices thrived. In the 1700’s the battle to claim Alaska and its peoples began, setting into motion disruptive changes for Alaska’s first peoples. The painful scars from colonization continue to cycle from one generation to the next. 

Rarely heard of 40 years ago, suicide among Alaska Native peoples is now a silent epidemic -- 3.5 times higher than the national average -- and affecting Alaska Native youth between the ages of 15-24 at the highest rate in the country. Faced with heartbreaking challenges, Alaska Native communities are striving to recover and regain balance. 

In a landscape as dramatic as its stories, We Breathe Again intimately explores the lives of four Alaska Native people, each confronting the impacts of intergenerational trauma and suicide. Reflected in the northern lights and the city streetlights, from the ice roads to the asphalt, the characters battle for personal healing, hoping to break new trail for their families and their communities to follow.



Documentary Short |  2017 | 10m | United States

Directed by: Liz McKenzie
Wild salmon are a precious food. They weave our lives together with vast unspoiled lands, connect us with ancient native traditions, and link us to people and communities on the distant edge of North America. Along a stream crowded with spawning salmon, award-winning nature writer and anthropologist Richard Nelson explores the story of these extraordinary creatures based on his more than fifty years in Alaska. His personal relationship with salmon is a story for all of us who love these fish. The film features intimate views of salmon and other wildlife amid Alaska’s spectacular mountains and seacoast—the environment that gives rise to one of the earth’s true natural miracles.



(Special Screenings Program)

Feature/Documentary | 2016 | 50m | Canada

Directed by: Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
The Film Tunniit details her journey to discover more about the Inuit tradition of facial tattooing. Tattoos were once worn by Inuit women to mark their entry into adulthood but disappeared during the last 100 years due to the influence of Christian missionaries, who disapproved of the “shamanistic” practice. Over the course of the film, Arnaquq-Baril travels to several Inuit communities to speak to elders who still remember the art of tattooing and the cultural significance behind it. Tunniit explores what it means to not only revive a cultural practice but wear that practice as a marker of identity. The Filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Her production company, Unikkaat S Unikkaat Studios Inc., creates Inuit cultural documentaries and Inuktitut language productions. Past meets present in this intimate account of one woman’s journey towards self-empowerment and cultural understanding.


8PM - 10:05PM


Animation | 2017 | 4m25s | Switzerland

Directed by: Anaïs Voirol
In search of perfection a whole city obeys to selection. A constant struggle. Trying and trying again. Where is the difference between endurance and madness?



Feature/Documentary | 2018 | 2 hours | United States

Directed by: Jack Truman
THE OLD STRIPPER is an epic feature documentary film about a burlesque legend visiting her dancing cities from yesterday. Burlesque legend Opal Dockery travels the country with her real-life son, award-winning filmmaker Jack Truman on a cross country road trip. Visiting all 48 states coast to coast, Dockery and Truman visit her dancing cities from yesterday, landmarks nationwide, and interview over 50 burlesque dancers across the country, young and old, to show how burlesque is today compared to yesterday. An epic underground unforgettable journey, THE OLD STRIPPER opens the audience's eyes to a lost era.




Saturday, August 4th, 2018



11AM - 11:30AM


Animation | 2017 | 6m2s | Mexico

Directed by: María Fernanda Montoya Solano, Raul Miranda Villaseñor
On a starry night, the moon loses the strength to illuminate the sky. When Aylin looks through her window to see nothing but darkness, she decides to embark on an adventure to help recover the light of the night.



Experimental  | 2018 | 9m3s | Japan

Directed by:  吉開菜央 Nao Yoshigai



Documentary | 2018 | 10m | United States

Directed by: Amanda Byrd

A remote island community in Alaska has created an innovative program to help kids eat more vegetables.



Experimental | 2015 | 2m44s | China

Directed by: Zhang Riwen

Magnified a blue snail's life to you, because of snails' translucent skins, you can see the blood flowing through their veins. Looking the blood moving, you can see how the snails' body actually working, which it can arouse your sense of living.
Trapped in the human conspiracy, these little things present you a paradox scene of elegant natural slow motion and the artificial manipulated life.



Animation | 2018 | 1m | Canada

Directed by: Myriam Aubin
Les Frères Cerise follows the adventures of two attached cherry brothers who have completely different personalities, one is an heroic adventurer who wields a sword and the other one has more of a “geeky” and a bit indifferent. The wild and bold cherry-brother is determined to attack the ant-eating creature who holds desperate helpless tiny ants under his captivity, also taking away the book from the geek-brother.


12:55AM - 2:50PM


Documentary | 2015 | 12m14s | Japan

Directed by: 吉開菜央 Nao Yoshigai



Feature Film | 2018 | 1h40m | United States

Directed by: Joe Badon

After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elizia discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.


2:50PM - 4:40PM


Short Experimental | 2018 | 5m | Iran

Directed by: Mohsen Zolghadr

It's about the terrorist incidents in all over the world…



Documentary Experimental | 2018 | 29m | Denmark

Directed by:  Stefan Kruse

In the summer of 2015, Europe experienced the highest influx of refugees since the second world war. This is often referred to as the European refugee crisis. The Migrating Image is not concerned with explaining this event. Rather it seeks to explore and understand the technical images around it.

The Migrating Image provides a ‘pseudo-analytical’ investigation of images produced during what has been named the European refugee crisis in 2015. By following the production of images portraying humanitarian affairs and their most-often, hidden ideological footing, the movie reveals a critique on its own kind.



Short | 2018 | 1m32s | Pakistan

Directed by: Ruhina Nasir

A man selling vegetables on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan uses deceptive means to earn money. A chance event puts him face to face with a person he has recently deceived.



Documentary | 2018 | 1h11m32s| Burkina Faso

Directed by: Iara Lee

A small landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home to a vibrant community of artists, musicians, engaged citizens who carry on the revolutionary spirit of Thomas Sankara, killed in a coup d'état led by his best friend and advisor Blaise Compaoré, who then ruled the country as an autocrat for 27 years, til a massive popular insurrection led to his removal. Today, the spirit of resistance and political change is mightier than ever and it permeates every aspect of the Burkinabè life. It is an inspiration, not only to Africa, but to the rest of the world.


4:45PM - 6:45PM


Short | 2018 | 9min | United States

Directed by: Natalie Harris

A queer and inexperienced girl seeks guidance after a game of "Never Have I Ever."



Smartphone | 2018 | 3m5s | Brasil

Directed by: GerhardtGenifer

what there is of the woods inside, what there is of the enchantment outside.

‘porto alegre’ is a movie created from a fragment of a woman’s poetry inside the chaos of the big city. recorded with a smartphone, the poet strives to find in images captured in between her everyday small journeys the complement to what her words don’t need to describe.

*Porto alegre (happy port) is the name of the capital of the southernmost state in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. It is also known as ‘Capital Gaúcha’, because the state is known for its skilled, horsemen, and women, regarded as brave, called gaúchos and gaúchas.



Feature Film | 2017 | 1h40m | Brazil

Directed by: Glenda Nicácio and Ary Rosa

Violeta and Margarida, names that not only refer to flowers, but also reveal two common women, those who we find on the streets of the Recôncavo on bicycles, in rooms, dealing with the adversities of day-to-day life or with the bitterness of the past, with re-encounters and transformations. Margarida lives in São Felix, isolated by the loss of her son. Violeta leads her life in Cachoeira, between the adversities of her day-to-day and traumas of the past. When Violeta re-encounters Margarida, she initiates a process of transformation, marked by visits, cleanings, and coffee with cinnamon, capable of awaking new friends and old loves.


6:50PM - 8:40PM


Short | 2018 | 4m | Iran

Directed by: Saman Hosseinpuor

The Little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones, she goes to her grandpa who has just past away a few minutes ago without anybody noticing it.



Animation | 2017 | 3m9s | USA

Directed by:  Maureen Zent

Two combatants lock into a tug-of-war. One draws and the other heaves. Each pull is met with an equal jerk. Then one man finds the other's weakness. This allegory considers the question of tribalism—why does it occur and who benefits.



Short | 2018 | 4m21s | Iran

Directed by: Negin Homayounpour

A family is watching a war movie suddenly , they experience the same events.


(Special Screenings Program)

Feature | 2016 | 1h34m | Canada

Directed by Zacharias Kunuk

8:45PM - 10:05PM

TOO TAME!       

Animation | 2017 | 6m4s | Germany

Directed by: Rebecca Bloecher

Seven protagonists, stuck inside the box, are trapped in their clichés and their recurring daily routine. Their individuality is only an apparent one, because far too easy their autonomy can be taken away - even if they gamble with life. But show must go on and money is rolling in. Applause!



Feature Film | 2018| 1h15m  | United States

Directed by: Drew Bolton
After a tragic event last year at Brooklyn's Annual Enema Party, a group of queer friends is stalked by a unicorn masked killer out for revenge, taking down one drag queen at a time.










Sunday, August 5th, 2018


11AM - 11:45AM


Animation | 2018 | 3m26s | United States

Directed by: Danna Grace Windsor

A synthetically perfect zen world meditation turns into a self-defense chaos of destruction.


Feature/Documentary | 2018 | 39m | Brazil

Directed by: Sophia Pinheiro and Patrícia Ferreira

An intimate finding between two women as they film each other. This experimental documentary is, itself, their relationship: an indigenous filmmaker and a non-indigenous visual artist and anthropologist. With the consciousness of the imperfection of being before them, they go through conflict and perform themselves materially and spiritually. In this process, they find each other alike and opposite in the pertinence of their footage.



11:55AM - 1PM


Experimental | 2017 | 10m53s | Bolivia

Directed by: Pablo Alanes

INGRESO is a trip from reality to an inner-state of contemplation and existence, INGRESO is a contemporary video-dance.



Animation | 2018 | 4m33s | China

Directed by: Max Hattler

Repetition and distortion drive this audiovisual collaboration between composer Lux Prima and visual artist Max Hattler, where fuzzy analogue music and geometric digital animation collide in an electronic feedback loop, and spawn arrays of divisional articulations in time and space.



Short | 2018 | 12m | United States

Directed by:  Alexander Kagak
An Oil State clone finds her voice buried above the arctic circle.


Experimental | 2017 | 2m56s | United States

Directed by: Martin Calvino

'Cuatro Palabras' is a short film about a tango story exploring the emotional tension of a couple. An uncomfortable event at an afternoon milonga prompted Sandra to abruptly go home. Starring Sandy Urna & Jorge Razumny. Sponsored by 'Casa Argentina' of New Jersey



Experimental | 2016 | 15m | United States

Directed by:  André Machari Zachery

See what others cannot imagine.

Feel what others cannot sense.

Smell what others cannot taste.

Hear what others cannot comprehend.



Experimental | 2017 | 4m27s | USA

Directed by: Danny Curley

Through the exploration of movies and music videos, the filmmaker allows the audience to observe his internal struggles of self-hatred and insecurity with the process of coming to terms with his sexuality.



Experimental | 2017 | 9m | Norway

Directed by: Bieke Depoorter, Mattias de Craene

In states of endless slumber, people endure the stifling dark. Powerful forces of nature rage relentlessly, sometimes soothing and sometimes menacing. Dvalemodus a portrait of a Norwegian Town is the first film of Magnum photographer Bieke Depoorter.


1:05PM - 2:20PM


Documentary | 2018 | 18m46s | United States

Directed by:  Josh Jacobius

Two gay older men ruminate on their life together through love, loss and academia.



Short | 2017 | 7m27s | United States

Directed by:  Wi-Moto Nyoka

Purgatory. Two women. One way out.



Short |  Experimental | 2018 | 16m49s | United States

Directed by: Solomon Stinson

A deaf WW3 veteran and a trapper are surviving in the post-apocalyptic Alaskan Bush. One day something happens that shows how unpredictable a date with death can be.



Documentary | Student | 2018 | 30m | Canada

Directed by: Jon Wesselink

Short film created on-site by Jon Wesselink Productions during the creation of a mural in Mishkeegogamang First Nation, Ontario, in September 2017.



2:40PM -4PM


Documentary | 2017 |  28m | United States

Directed by:  Vinit Parmar

This ethnographic portrayal poetically captures the lives of impoverished, remote island villagers in India. They have lived without electricity for eons, and now, quite possibly they are the first developing village to switch to renewable energy.

Anthropogenic in approach, we appreciate the deep but subtle ties the villagers have to their resources. We witness their energy transition as they tap the Earth’s resources to achieve sustainability while developing their lives. The film offers hope In this climate change era, we are hopeful for the 1.5 billion other off-grid inhabitants of the world who still need electricity.



Animation | 2018 | 7m25s | United Kingdom

Directed by: Deanna Crisbacher

'When' discusses the filmmaker's experience with mental illness and how it has impacted her perception of the world around her. It mainly focuses on Anorexia Nervosa, Anxiety, and Depression. It aims to represent these ideas in an artistically abstract but honest way - using CGI as a medium to create an impactful experience that will make the audience think about mental illness in a way they might not have before.



Documentary | 2015 | 14m | Brazil

Directed by: Instituto Ascuri



Documentary | 2018 | 29m23s | United States

Directed by: Denny Rauen

A glimpse into our future. Like so many others, an overwhelming sense of unfairness being perpetrated led to a small group of like minded activists from "Brew City" (aka Milwaukee, Wisconsin) to travel over 800 miles to Standing Rock's Oceti Sakowin camp where protecting the water interfered with powerful oil interests. Support grew from hundreds to thousands of folks from around the world. From arresting journalists to silence their voices to excessive and violent attacks on the peaceful resisting water protectors, these actions are documented in this raw and emotional film. This journey into water protecting documents the Standing Rock Sioux struggle in North Dakota to protect their water and sacred sites based on Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 and 1868. The story of Standing Rock is our future. How we treat the environment and each other is our destiny.


4:05PM - 4:55PM


Experimental Short | 2017 | 3m | United Kingdom

Directed by: Rolf Klein

Rolf has experienced mental health issues and homelessness. He wants to use film to challenge our understanding of both. Rolf is a first time filmmaker.
This film explores the connections between mental health and homelessness, challenging common misrepresentations in the media. Using the medium of the spoken word, the film questions whether we can ever view issues such as these in an objective way.
If you are a young person experiencing mental ill health and homelessness, life is far from a walk in the park. 



Music Video | 2017 | 5m56s | Iran

Directed by: Ali Nikfar

A traditional music-video from south of Iran, Bushehr.



Short | 2016 | 3m54s | Germany/Spain

Directed by:  Iván Sáinz-Pardo

Dawns. A baby breaks the silence.



Short | 2018 | 16m24s | United States

Directed by: Melinda Raebyne

When a woman’s protector becomes her abuser and her perfect life turns into a perfect hell, reality is no longer bearable. Jackie Curtis seeks asylum by retreating so deep inside her mind where nothing can ever hurt her again. Escape proves impossible when she learns that is where her devastating memories also hide. Will Jackie be brave enough to meet them face to face and have the courage to trust someone enough to help her find her way back?



Animation | 2018 | 3m23s | Venezuela/United States

Directed by: Victor Morales

Esperpento is an exploration about the rejection of the different and the dehumanization of the stranger. Why the foreigner (who looks different) is often shunned, despised and criminalized?



Short | 2016 | 8m16s | Taiwan

Directed by: Anthea Ng

Sheltered by her umbrella, all that she knew changed when the sun shone through her world of rain.



Animation | 2018 | 3m14s | United States

Directed by: Faiyaz Jafri


5PM - 7PM


Alaska | 2018 | 14m | United States

Directed by: Joseph Yates

See first hand on how important your language will affect the way you live. A bi-cultural marriage begins to teach their daughter the heart beat of their culture with the hope of their language be revitalized.



Documentary | 2018 | 1h44m | United States

Directed by:  Laura Nix

Meet passionate teenage innovators from around the globe who are creating cutting-edge solutions to confront the world’s environmental threats – found right in their own backyards – while navigating the doubts and insecurities that mark adolescence. Take a journey with these inspiring teens as they prepare their projects for the largest convening of high school scientists in the world, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).


7:05PM - 8:25PM


TOO TAME!       

Animation | 2017 | 6m4s | Germany

Directed by: Rebecca Bloecher

Seven protagonists, stuck inside the box, are trapped in their clichés and their recurring daily routine. Their individuality is only an apparent one, because far too easy their autonomy can be taken away - even if they gamble with life. But show must go on and money is rolling in. Applause!



Feature Film | 2018| 1h15m  | United States

Directed by: Drew Bolton
After a tragic event last year at Brooklyn's Annual Enema Party, a group of queer friends is stalked by a unicorn masked killer out for revenge, taking down one drag queen at a time.



8:30PM - 10PM


Short Film | 2018 | 6m36s | KingdomUnited

Directed by: Jo Burrows

With adolescence fast approaching, Ella’s journey is woven with threads of history, heritage and the tipping point of womanhood. The story and its musical accompaniment explore the social, racial and female structures of today's modern society. Ella represents the millions of young ethnically diverse faces in the world. She stands alone, yet unknowingly encompassing her own story to inspire others.
Roots is more than a phrase referring to stabled growth. It's embedded with seeds of ancestry, the evolving present and the unpredictable future of this girl in today's world. 



Short Film | 2017 | 2m39s | Netherlands

Directed by: Anna Eijsbouts

People consume and are consumed by hate in alarming magnitudes. This film aims to question how hate can be so tempting alluring while we are aware of the consequences.



Animation | 2017 | 3m15s | Canada

Directed by: Lori Malépart-Traversy

Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary, discover its unrecognized anatomy and its unknown herstory.



Animation | 2018 | 3min41s | United States

Directed by: Vanessa Sweet
Wild Woman is an animated poem to mankind which invokes current world issues such as drone-strikes and religious persecution in a plea for empathy. Scenes transform and melt as the animator also explores her personal struggle of becoming a mother and identifying as such in our current social and political climate.




Feature/Documentary | 2017 | 1h10m | Brazil
(Special Screenings Program)

Directed by: Juliana Antunes

In Baronesa two friends, Leid and Andreia, navigate perilous daily grind: Leid raises small children while her husband is in jail and Andreia dreams of moving to a safer neighborhood, Baronesa, while she earns her living as a beauty stylist. They're neighbors in a favela of Belo Horizonte trying to escape the daily dangers of a drug traffic war happening on the outside and avoid the tragedy that comes with the rain. 


 Award Ceremony!! 








11AM - 11:45AM


Mobile Production | 2016 | 9m32s | Romania/Switzerland

Directed by: Ruxandra Mitache

Looking at the shiny sky where the sun is a myth,

searching through the trees

left and right waves roar, until it alights.



Short | 2018 | 5m29s | Brazil

Directed by: Nhakangá Kayapó

Uxi is an experimental, documentary short about the gathering of the forest fruit uxi (Endopleura uchi). Protagonists are Kayapó Indigenous women from the village of A'Ukre, in the state of Pará in Brazil.



Short | 2018 | 10m47s | Austria

Directed by: Barbara Loisch

'but then you see the trees from here' is a video meditation on the knotty space of the lactation room that opened upon the birth of my child and that became an emblem for the many complex relationships I am now navigating. For ten days in January 2018, I opened the door to the lactation room for whoever wanted to come in, look, sit down, or talk. This action was about sharing space and time with others. It was about acknowledging the query and perplexity of the experience in the strange, cozy, blurred zone of not being just one, but also not being two that is mirrored in this intimate and hidden space.



Animation | 2018 | 1m14s | Japan

Directed by:  冠木 佐和子 (Sawako Kabuki)

A baby’s wail reverberates through life and its wrenching physical sensations.



Experimental | 2016 | 7m45s | Canada

Directed by: Jen Mesch


Two combatants lock into a tug-of-war. One draws and the other heaves. Each pull is met with an equal jerk. Then one man finds the other's weakness.

This allegory considers the question of tribalism—why does it occur and who benefits.



Documentary | 2018 | 3m | Brazil

Directed by: Eloi Mattar, Pedro Bento

The film was made in Marta Bonimond's painting show in Raul de Leoni Cultural Center, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2018). The artist's works is based on the so called Mariana catastrophe when Fundao Dam (Mineradora Samarco) collapsed killing 19 people and destroying villages along Doce River in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo Brazilian states (05/11/2015). Alberto da Veiga Guignard's, a Brazilian artist who painted Minas Gerais landscapes, is cited and some of his works are covered by different colours land. A nightmare buries the dream.



Experimental | 2018 | 12m7s | Iran

Directed by:  Sina Khanahmadi

When I walk in Tehran, the things I see are quite normal for me. It has become so commonplace that I do not really see anything. But when I am shooting pictures of parts of the city with a broken video camera, and then seeing these pictures, I encounter a new city. I'm gazing at these crash-images of the city and creating a new city in my mind.


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