MôTif is a multimedia production company that supports and creates art projects, focusing on the underrepresented and the environment.


On August 3-5, 2018 MôTif is bringing the first MôTif Film Festival to Fairbanks, Alaska. MôTif strives to turn our festival into a platform and outlet for voices fighting to be heard. Our objective is to touch communities of storytellers and audiences across regions, genres, ethnicities, gender, and orientation to include, deepen, and expand our connections to diverse and underrepresented groups around the world. In doing this, we hope to expose the issues affecting our society in an environment that allows us to have an open dialogue, foment action, increase the diversity of projects, and inspire artists to tell their stories.

MôTif Film Festival was created by dedicated artists, scientists, anthropologists, and filmmakers who understand what an event like this can and should offer its participants.

Photos by Amanda Sweeting


Alaska's Only Tribal College

Donors and Supporters:

Joshua Beane, Jocelyn Muhl, Captain Roger, Carole Vogel, Yan Berezin, Camera Repair Center, Gregory Marks Jennifer Lu, Lori Gildehaus, Jeff Ferderer, Kris Whipple, Emma DeRuyter, John DeRuyter, Aayushjoshi, Palmira Figueroa, Justina Wilhelm, Darious Chapman, Aaron Hawkins, Jennifer Ferderer, Pat DeRuyte, Hannah Foss, Suanne Sikkema, Paul McNeill, Paul Douglas McNeill II, Deborah Allen McNeill, Brian Rhinehart, Rena Anakwe, Scott Youmans.



MôTif is a multimedia production company that supports and creates art projects, focusing on the underrepresented and the environment.

We have no limits on how to use art to show untold stories and make ideas come true. Our core goal is to explore solutions and help in the fight to decimate racism, bigotry, poverty, sexism, and explore solutions to climate change through art. 

We need your help to make this festival come true. 

Donating to our Film Festival you will support: 

  • Women in art.

  • Cultural diversity. 

  • Immigrants empowerment. 

  • Community creation. 

  • And more.  


Where the money goes? 

  • Venue rental 

  • Equipment 

  • Printed Material 

  • Adicional Fees 

In exchange you will: 

  • Have your logo/name on our website and printed material + a shout out of love on social media. 

  • Recognition during the festival 

  • And our eternal gratitude



We greatly appreciate your contribution!


Moema Umann

Rena Anakwe

Yasmin Santan

Tiffany DeRuyter

Laila Garroni

Eduardo Guerra

Skye Morse-Hodgson

Dan Wall


Palmira Figueroa

Mark Raker

Aaluk Edwardson

Faiyaz Jafri

Shawn Lewis

Linda Nicholas-Figueroa

Justina Wilhelm



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