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PueblA it’s a series of art projects likewise film, theater, visual arts and performance related to the female life in small cities and villages in the countryside of Brazil.



'PueblA' is a series of interdisciplinary projects that go through the cinema, theater, visual arts and performance related to the feminine living in small cities and towns in the countryside of Brazil. We chose our hometown to talk about issues and situations that occurred during our childhood, how they reflect in our lives as women, our choices and desires for resistance. Our city of 5,802 inhabitants, including urban and rural, was recently featured in several newspapers in the country, for the death of another woman. The crime was committed by her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately it is not the first time crimes of this kind happen in Pavão-MG. They are a reflection of a sexist system, where we women do not find support or protection to denounce our abusers.

Despite the (some) achievement of rights in equal participation, in both social and economic contexts, women are still subject to daily sexism and suffer the arbitrary power of inconsequential actions, physical and psychological abuse, especially in places of reduced population. Our project investigates the history of the construction of our city, as a patriarchal system, and intends to make reflections on the theme and the change of this paradigm. The name "Pueblo" (del of the Latin populus) is a set of places that integrate a community. It can also be understood as part of a country or region of reduced population. Breaking the paradigm of the masculine use of the name. We decided to use it in its feminine form: PueblA.






Yasmin Santana - Director, Writer and Concept

Lorena  De Campos Castro - Production Manager, Conception / Coordenação, Produção Executiva e Conceito

Júlia Ruas - Co-Producer, Casting Director, Conception  / Produtora, Diretora de Elenco e Conceito

Maria Flor Ruas -  Inspiration and Motivation

Francielle Lima - Lead Actress, Conception / Atriz e Conceito

Ana Clara - Lead Actress / Atriz

Manuela - Lead Actress / Atriz

Moema Umann -  Writer, Concept

Skye Morse-Hodgson -  Screenwriter

João Pedro -  Casting/Produtor de Elenco

Diego Salomão - Videographer, Photographer

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