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Uki is a short film about a Iñupiaq girl, Uki, living in the Northernmost part of Alaska. This region is known for its extreme weather, ample wild life, and rich culture. As the film progresses, through Uki thoughts and interaction with the immense landscape around her, we learn how she perceives, deals, and wisely adapts to the new norms of living through a pandemic.



About Pandemos: Pandemos is a series of collaborative short films shot around the world and based on an idea by Diego Medvedocky and Luis Aguer, a copywriter and advertising creative; and a film director.


Each short film tells a different story about the experience of confinement in different parts of the world with its own tone and from a particular point of view. In the context of the social isolation of the quarantine, both creators decided to start telling intimate tales of human experiences in the confinement of different characters around the world, as a creative exercise and artistic pursuit in parallel to their daytime jobs.


What first began as a personal exercise, quickly became a series of more than 14 short films produced in collaboration with a network of people from all over the world, who were selflessly contributing their talents with the aim of expressing the human experiences during these strange times affecting the entire planet. Pandemos comes from the Greek and means, "in common for all people." Under the creative command of Diego and Luis from Buenos Aires, Pandemos took the form of various stories. The first one is "Uki", written in collaboration with the director Moema Umann. It was filmed in Alaska, where a girl, used to living in the isolation that extreme weather implies, reflects on the same experience that the world is living at the moment. The Pandemos series also tells stories about a couple in Buenos Aires confronted by the friction of living together for more than 60 days in a small apartment; a girl in Barcelona who cannot leave the alienating repetition of feeling that she is always living the same day, and many more. Each episode has the special collaboration of writers, producers, directors, actors, cinematographers and other talents from different parts of the planet.


The project does not pursue any commercial purpose. Pademos is a sum of the wills of professionals working from the confinement of their homes, from Utqiaġvik, Barcelona, London, Ciudad de México, Brasília, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, etc. adding their talent and point of view to the stories. If at any time during its journey, the project generates any economic income, it will be donated to institutions in the fight against Covid-19. The short films are released and shared openly through the Instagram account @pandemosproject and also on the web


The project has the support of the production company Rebolucion, with Ezequiel Ortíz involved from the beginning and the producer Mercedes Reincke of About Entertainment in the management of platforms, in addition to the support of Papamusic, Portaestudio, MôTif Productions, and the new production company of Diego and Luis that emerges from this project, InCommon Content.

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